The Experience

Every single session will start with a Pre-Session Consult that will take place at my in-home office, or a local coffee shop. This is where you and I get to know each other better, and I get to hear all about your amazing family! Not only will I get a feel for what your family is all about, but we will discuss wardrobe options, the session location, as well as set a date and time for it to take place.


Our next meeting is the big day, where all that pre-planning comes to reality. Once we arrive to your session location, that’s when the fun begins, so relax! You don’t even have to tell your kiddos what to do because I will take complete charge of everything from posing to direction, all while capturing those silly faces in between. My laidback style reduces any stress & worry, and allows everyone’s personalities to shine. I got you, mama - just let those kids do their thing.


Then comes my favorite part: the Reveal & Design Session! You get to come to my in-home office, sit back and sip on some refreshments, and watch a beautiful slideshow telling your story in photographs. (I'll even provide the tissues, because some waterworks are sure to ensue!) After we watch the slideshow as many times as your heart desires, we can start designing the artwork that will hang in your home. I’ll also have the initial design created for your album, making it easier to visualize what that heirloom piece will look like once you finally take it home.


Last, but certainly not least: Delivery Day! This is where I bring over all the gorgeous artwork and gifts that were ordered during the Reveal and Design Session for you to touch and feel (and hug!) immediately, and for years to come. There’s nothing quite like seeing your family’s story told in photographs that you get to hold with your own two hands, and I can’t wait to hear all about how you and your family revisits those albums and photographs, over and over, with a smile.