About Kacey

Hello, and thank you for stopping by!


I'm Kacey Norris: Wife, Mother, Photographer.


I am married to my best friend, and am a mom of four! I may have only given birth to two, but you'd never be able to convince my heart of that. I'm also a mama to the cutest little fur baby, Smudge. The one thing you will quickly learn about me - my family is my entire world.


Aside from being blessed with the gift of photography, I am also crazy good with children. Seriously - kids love me! And the feeling is mutual because I absolutely adore them right back. I have more "adopted" nieces and nephews than I can count, and almost every child I meet calls me "Auntie" at some point or another, which is a title I wear with pride, and what makes me a successful Lifestyle Photographer, able to capture the true spirit of your family: right here, right now, just as joyful and beautiful as you are in this very moment of your lives.


Growing up, my grandmother had a huge cookie tin full of old family photos. Some were snapshots from the family camera, some were school portraits, while others were from professional studios. I was always mesmerized by those photographs and all the stories this cookie tin held. Every single time I visited my grandparents’ home (which was pretty much every weekend after the age of five) I would run and grab this magical cookie tin from their room and beg and beg my grandmother to look through these photos with me. Not only did she happily oblige, but she would sit with me for hours on end, telling stories about the family members inside each and every photo. Many, such as my great-grandfather, great-grandmother, and a handful of aunts and uncles, had passed away long before I was born. But being able to hold that printed photograph in my hand while also listening to my grandmother reminisce about their lives really helped me feel connected to each individual, and is where my love for photography was born.


Because of this incredible experience between me and my grandmother, I am a firm believer in prints. I want your own family to be the beautiful artwork that adorns the walls of your home, and printed on the pages you turn of your custom-designed heirloom album. I have searched high and low for years, testing and reviewing the very best products to offer you, because not only will your pictures be gorgeous, but they are guaranteed to last for all your future generations to enjoy.